Goals and Objectives

We advocate for our youth, elderly, homeless, formerly incarcerated, and victims of crime here in LA.

Community Liaisons

Africa Town Enterprise acts as community liaisons between the community and merchants who operate in South Central Los Angeles but reside outside of the community. These merchants are often non-black and from other countries or cultures. Many have never had daily interaction with Black people and have difficulty understanding social dynamics when dealing with African Americans. We build relationships between the business owners and our community, while at the same time providing expert conflict resolution. We provide cultural sensitivity training, candidates for job placement, and means through which shop owners can give back to their communities.

Public Safety

South Central Los Angeles, an already underserved community, suffered severe economic hardship due to COVID-19. The community was then dealt another blow with the current protests and civil unrest. Reactionary violence often erupts when these situations further strain underserved communities. As a result, Africa Town Enterprise engages in community safety patrols to prevent and calm potential conflicts. We are successful because we are in the community and from the community.

“Mutual Aid” Program

Africa Town Enterprise created the “Break Bread” Free Food Survival Program in 2016, in response to the severe homelessness, poverty, and malnourishment affecting our community. What started as a weekly food fellowship has evolved into the “Mutual Aid” Program. We have been able to expand our Sunday outreach to include clothing, care packages, blankets, hygiene products, school supplies, fresh produce, and grocery giveaways. During COVID-19, we have also been able to help people apply for stimulus payments, unemployment insurance, eviction prevention assistance and other COVID-19 disaster relief programs.

Community Preservation and Maintenance

Africa Town Enterprise understands the pride of ownership. We have established teams that monitor, maintain, and manage the appearance of our neighborhoods. We are contracted by local businesses for maintenance and cleanup of common areas and parking lots. We also work with the city and county to request services for health and safety issues.

Freedom School

Freedom School is Africa Town Enterprise’s summer education initiative that began in 2013 to support our community’s need for summer education opportunities and affordable local camp programs due to LAUSD budget cuts in 2013. We provide summer alternatives at no cost to families. Our parents and local community members volunteer as facilitators which allows our youth to see the engagement of mentorship and apprenticeship in a village-inspired community.

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